Our predominant or priority service deals with apparel sourcing. Utmost fulfillment of our client’s requirements in design, product quality, and pricing.


We conduct a rigorous factory audit as per the ISO standards and guidelines for the following factors:

  • Owner profile and management structure.
  • Factory’s production capacity, key production processes, production plans, etc.
  • Employees and work flow, overview of HR policies, management styles, and workers situations.
  • Quality management within the factory.
  • Safety guidelines like fire safety, lifts, electricity, emergency exit, first aid medications, etc.
  • Verification of all licences and adherence to government regulations.
  • Sub-vendor evaluation will also be undertaken.

Currently, we have 25 efficient suppliers on our list with certifications with ISO, SA 8000, WRAP, OEKO TEX, BSCI, DISNEY, SEDEX, GOTS, and REACH compliance. With our process planning procedures, our buyers will enjoy working with us in a long-term relationship.


We take extra care to maintain accuracy and competency when it comes to price negotiation. We ensure guaranteed pricing benefits our clients.


Our passion is to develop the garment as per the buyer's designs and requirements. We love to work with samples. We have a dedicated team of professionals working with samples. We develop experiment samples, salesman samples, and prototype samples. We assure on-time samples.


After price confirmation and receiving the purchase order (PO), factory evaluation will be initiated for the bulk production. A process execution plan will be given to factories by our expertise team. Pre-production samples will be sent to clients before starting the production of each style. A T&A Plan (Time and Action) will be sent to clients for every style to follow and maintain as per the plan. Our quality team will conduct in-line, mid-line, and pre-final checks regularly to troubleshoot production problems and trigger the maximum quality level.

Our team will be working with factories every day to make sure that production targets are achieved. If there are any deviations, we will notify the buyer with our remedies. Each and every day, the production status will be updated in the client's master file in the specified format.

Transparency in production and a maximum quality level are guaranteed.


Yarn Quality

We first check the perfect yarn count - CSP - TPI-IMPERFECTION VALUE- HARINESS, BURSTING STRENGTH, and so on. We know that yarn selection is the most important factor in achieving the final quality of fabrics in terms of GSM, SHRINKAGE, SPIRALITY, FABRIC FEEL, and so on.

Knitting Quality

In the knitting process, we advise the right machine for the fabric in the right gauge, and we check the loop length to achieve the right GSM. In fabric, we check the stretch recovery and diameter, which will help us, reach our final quality of the fabric.

Dyeing Quality

We match the buyer's original colour shades in lab dips and lots perfectly. We use the QTEX file method in the lot dyeing process to achieve an even shade in all lots. We are also following the E method in lot dyeing to avoid lot-to-lot variation. We maintain colour index numbers for the dye stuff, and we collect the safety data sheets for the dyes that we are using. This will ensure our clients that their garment is purely made to eco-friendly standards for American and European countries norms.

Garment Quality

We make a random fabric check before cutting to ensure the fabric's quality. Our QA will check cut panels before feeding them into the line.

During the stitching process, we will perform a PILOT RUN, MID-LINE INSPECTION, and PRE-FINAL inspection. During these processes, we will scrutinise the quality of the garment and fine-tune it.

Finally, we will perform a final inspection after the cartoon box is made. Here, we will perform an AQL-level inspection to ensure our customers that the goods are defect-free.


We Keep Ourselves Updated on the Latest Fashion trends, Techniques, Innovations and used to Carry Forward all this for Clients Reference and benefits.

New developments and ideas from the global market will reach to clients Guaranteed.


Our good work is keen follow-up. When it comes to logistics, documents, and shipment follow-up, we internally check supplier documents before submitting them to the bank. We advise on container selection, vessel follow-up, and shipment advisories like ETA, ETD, etc. We ensure hassle-free operations.